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Fuji Photo Fleet
Instant printing of your images from any media.Instant prints from your phone or online storage.Poster prints and large format printingCanvas printing
Scanning and copying of photographs, artwork and objects.Restoration of old and faded imagesPrints from slides, negatives and DVDs from tapesProfessional photographic printing services
Instant prints from your phone.
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Instant prints from your phone

Simply link your phone into one of our kiosks.

Click Here or click the phone on the left for our new service to print directly from your phone or from your computer or any other device.

Order online and pay when you collect.



Are your photos actually on your phone?

1. Photos may appear to be on your phone but are actually stored on the cloud.
If this is the case please try and download your images before you come in.
We can transfer photos via Bluetooth for android or send via Wifi for i phones


2. Are your photos stored in your camera roll?
If they are not then they will not be seen when you plug in, especially on i phone.
Try and move images into your camera roll.

Send us your photos by email3. Are your photos stored in emails?
If so you may be able to send them to your camera roll.
Or you can email them to us at
ensure you send them on to us at ORIGINAL SIZE.(min charge £1 per image)
Avoid screen shotting them as this reduces the quality considerably.
If sending multiple images go to and send us the link


4. Can you find your photos?
When you plug your phone in most iPhones will only show what is in your camera roll. But they will show on our kiosk filed by photo name. That does not mean that the most recent are at one end of the list or the other.
Some Android devices let you see folders, so you can pop your favourites into one folder.
Listing images as favourites or ranking them will not be visable to the kiosks.
However the Kodak Moments App. will make finding photos so much easier.
Or you may wish to email them to us.

Always try and use the original image as it was taken.
Whats App, Texting, screen shotting, Instagraming and Facebooking photos all can reduce the quality of your images. This reduces the ability for them to be printed in larger sizes.
Even emailing needs to be used with caution. Emailing at low or even high resolution causes pixel loss, always use original size.
For a full range of prices and products please look at the following pages.
Instant printing of your images from any media.Poster prints and large format printingCanvas printing
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